No Demo Dogs 

No Treat Training 

No Harsh Methods

Training Plans

Basic plan

This 6 day course was designed to train your dog (between 4-6 months of age). It covers basic obedience and introduces important training factors such as basic distance training and basic distraction training.

intermediate plan

This 15 day course expands on commands learned in Basic. In this plan, we introduce silent commands. Your dog  will learn how to respond to hand signals and random commands. Course also includes moderate distraction and distance training. 

advanced plan

This 20 day course will cover all commands learned in the Intermediate plan. Your dog will learn stationary commands while in motion, heavy distraction training and distance training of over 30ft


We Stand Behind Our Training And Guarantee Results. Capital Canine Trainers Are Certified And Experienced.

Please be aware that dog training is not a regulated industry in the state of Florida and therefore anyone can simply claim to be a dog trainer, often misdiagnosing and misguiding you and your dog. Make the right decision and go with a certified professional. Your dog will thank you and it will save you time and money.

Meet Our Master Trainer

Our Training Director and Master Trainer, Edgar Hernandez brings a wealth of knowledge to our team.  He actively trains and supervises all training and behavior consulting. conducts all initial assessments and oversees the development of training and behavior plans. Edgar has a 25+ year proven track record of certified dog training for obedience, behavior modification and protection.

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